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The Car Maintenance Checklist

It is truly thrilling to hear that you can actually save an incredible amount of money each passing year as a car owner. It is possible that you might doubt this. You will actually learn that it is a fact that you can realize these kind of savings if only you can make sure that you drive your car smoothly to up to two hundred thousand miles. This can easily be attained if you carefully read through this checklist. It will allow you to learn more on when to replace your filters or even change the oil. You will need to keep reading in a bid to fully understand how to easily achieve this.

It is really important that you focus more on the advice offered by the manufacturer regarding maintenance. It does not matter whether the car is pre-owned or brand new. Pay more attention on the stated window within which an equipment has to undergo maintenance. The user’s manual is necessary in the provision of this kind of info. You will however need to learn how to adjust depending on your driving skills. If you tend to drive more than an average motorist, you will need to visit a mechanic more regularly. Keep checking whether the car’s fluids are at the desired level. You will note that it is important that you have the oil and the filters changed after driving for between 3000 and 7000 miles. It is at this time that it will also be necessary to have the mechanic check the levels of other fluids too.

It is important that you learn the timeline for the replacement of various components in your vehicle. At 15000 miles, you will need to change your filter. The battery and the coolant will be inspected when you get to 20000. You will learn that it is necessary for you to replace the filter once again when you reach 30000. Spark plugs replacements will come at 40000 while brake pads and brake fluid will be changed at 60000. Do not allow your tires to wear out. They need to have the right amount of pressure. You’ll have to learn to rotate your tires. This has to be don twice a year.

Learn to embrace timeliness when it comes to repairs. Always allow professionals to handle a good number of these repairs. Always learn not to delay any fluid leak. This will allow you to avoid further problems. Adhering to this checklist will ensure that your vehicle stays for long. It will guarantee you better chances of hitting the 200000 mark. Never allow yourself to be a victim of a road accident.