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The Weirdest Trucks You’ll See Right Now

When looking at the world then you are able to see a number of weird things out there. When looking for weird things then one of them are vehicles. There are mid-sized vehicles out there that are weird and they are fairly common. It is also you that will be able to see some weird trucks out there. Since trucks are larger then there are tons of wired thing that one can do to it.

The Japanese decoration trucks are one of the weird ones that you can find. When looking for weird things in the country then these trucks are definitely one of them. Dekotora is a Japanese term which means decoration. It is in the 1970’s when these cars started the trend. These trucks look weird since they have insane neon lights, UV lights, shiny metals, and an insane paint job.

When taking a look at weird trucks then one of them is the Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine. It is the walking trucks of GE or General Electric that few people know although they are already known for some other things. These trucks weigh around 3,000 pounds and do have four moving legs. There are some companies that use these trucks as sewer trucks. While walking through the streets that you are able to see these trucks cleaning the sewer. These are the trucks that you can see in movies.

It is the Terex Corp.’s Titan that is considered to be one of the weird trucks that you can find. In the year 1973 was when this truck was assembled. A truck that is 22 feet high and 66 feet long is what the Terex Corp.’s Titan is. When you are looking for the biggest vehicle in the world then its tucks is definitely one of them. This truck is only for display as what the company allows. When wanting to see its tuck then you need to go to Sparwood, BC, Canada where it is being displayed.

When looking or weird trucks then one of them is the Gevalia’s Coffee Trucks. It is the coffee truck that is no longer considered to be a novelty these days since there are many food trucks around already. A coffee truck that looks like a coffee pot is what this truck is all about. It was in the year 1950’s wherein this truck was created by a Swedish company. There are many food trucks that can find inspiration in this old-school idea.

The Ed Lincoln’s Toe Truck us also another type of weird truck that you can find. A clear sense of humor is what the owner of this truck has. Its was owned by a Lincoln Towing in Seattle, Washington. This truck has 5 foam toes on top of the cab.