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Famous Lawyers Who Made Their Mark on History

Attorneys should be given a lot of credit in their contribution of fighting for the welfare of human beings in society. Although the services of lawyers are not physically visible the effects of their actions are well established in history. The impact of the social lives of people are due to the effects of the policies that are made and approved by lawyers. The influence of lawyers in society can either be positive or negative depending on their actions. The following are some of the most influential lawyers in history.

The first famous lawyer of his time is Abraham Lincoln. He is well known by his nickname ‘Honest Abe’ because of his transparency with his clients and other people who worked with him. He was a very skilled attorney and is well known for the case where he references an almanac of the existing conditions to protect a murder suspect. He is also well known for his achievement of being the American president. He is a central part in the development of the United States legal system and other significant changes he made after being president.

The second attorney who is famous in history is Barack Obama. He is one of the icon personalities and attorney in recent history. He is a great inspiration to a lot of people due to his humble background and major political achievement. He overcame the racial challenges of the to become the first African American president as well as a senator. He is one of the most influential people to individuals and political, social and other entities at every corner of the world.

Number three in this countdown of famous lawyers is Woodrow Wilson. He is one of the most influential personalities of the twentieth century. His influence propelled his political career which led to him being the twentieth president of the United States of America. He was in the forefront of the first world war which happened during his presidency. He is a former student of the still famous University of Virginia school of law where he pursued and achieved his law degree.

Finally, we can never forget Barbara Jordan. She overcame a lot of challenges to secure a senate position in the Texas state. Her Nixon impeachment speech is very famous because of how well elaborated it was and the points she made through the piece. Her speech has its fame due to the outline and influence hence it is considered to be among the best in history. You can look more into the speech by doing a simple search about it to get a detailed view of why it’s so famous. She succeeded in a time when being a woman lawyer as well as being an African American was against her odds of achieving in the field of law.