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Passport Application Process Simplified

There are more Americans with passports now than there were a few years back. This is proven by the number of those holding one as compared to the same numbers two decades ago. This does not mean it has been simple for these people to get their passports. There are certain forms which you need to be keen on when applying for yours. Those who make mistakes find it long and tedious. This is not what one looks forward to when they need to travel. Here is a guide on how to go about your passport application process.

The main form you need to fill in the form DS 11. You need it if you are a first time applicant, an underage applicant, or are renewing when your first application was done when you were underage. Those whose passport got lost, stolen, damaged, or issued more than fifteen years ago, will need to fill it. You shall also discover more details in this process here.

You should also produce proof of your citizenship. The expired passport shall thus come in handy. If it happens to be in a foreign language, you have to get it professionally translated. Other options include a birth certificate, as well as a certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship. You need to make clear copies of these for sending. Sending originals is risking losing them.

You should also carry your proof of identity. If you mail your application, you will need to make copies of the identity proof as instructed. Taking this step for granted will result in a rejection. A government employee ID, military ID, or a Green Card are acceptable forms of proof.

There are cases where you need to list any special circumstances. If you are underage or are traveling with one, you need to state this. So should those who owe child support. A gender designation change is worth mentioning. You are also expected to mention if you are traveling in an official diplomatic capacity.

Your application should include two passport photos. You shall get one back as they only use one on the passport. Make sure get these photos professionally taken.
There are also the processing fees you need to think of. You shall see charges for a passport book, and a passport card, for adults and for children. You can pay for whichever you wanted.

You have the first option of downloading the forms DS 11 and filling them out, then attaching the documents and copies needed, before mailing them for processing. You can also proceed to an acceptance facility and have them do the work for you. You can then expect the passport in four to six weeks. If need be, you can expedite the process. This is done by those who are time bound. This service is however not cheap.